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Activist Akbar Muhammed gave the attorney general low grades for the trip.

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While Holder said agents have made "significant progress" in their investigation, he said it will still take time to complete and asked for the community's support.

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"I hope that people do calm down and just continue it to be peaceful. I hope the outsiders leave and let Adidas Pure Boost With Jeans the real individuals who are really trying to make a difference remain so that it can stay peaceful, so some type of resolution and change can happen," said Charles Davis, owner of a local burger bar.

St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch told local media Wednesday that the grand jurors will see every bit of evidence that investigators gather and will be allowed to meet as long as they want before making a decision.

In a move that reflected what appeared to be increasing calm, Gov. Jay Nixon ordered the Missouri National Guard to begin withdrawing from the city. Troops had been sent there Monday to protect the police command center, which officials said had come under threat of attack.

"This attorney general and this Department of Justice stand with the people of Ferguson," he told reporters in Washington.

A St. Louis County grand jury began hearing testimony in the case Wednesday, but it's not expected to make a decision on charges against Wilson before mid October.

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mutual mistrust between law enforcement and many communities in the United States.

Holder has assigned scores of FBI agents and Justice Department investigators to look into Brown's August 9 death in the suburban St. Louis city.

"We're going to have a systematic drawdown. We're working with the commanders to do that, but we're going to make sure we keep safety there," the governor told CNN's Don Lemon on Thursday.

"We thank him for coming, but he gets a D minus," Muhammed said.

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The officer had a swollen face and went to the hospital, where he underwent medical tests and was treated for his injury, the source said.

But even then when calm returns to Ferguson work in the community is not done, Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson told residents. He said police need to be educated, not by professors, but by regular people about how best to build bridges.

"Because, you can read a person," she said. "And when you're looking at them and they're looking at you in your eyes, it puts some trust back there," she said.

For the first time since a white police officer fatally shot unarmed Adidas Prophere Colorways

"We need not sit there and make excuses; we just need to make it right," he said. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke Thursday about his visit to Ferguson to check in on the federal civil rights investigation into Brown's shooting.

Slow wheels of justice

On Thursday, a source with detailed knowledge of the investigation told CNN that reports in the media that Wilson suffered a fractured eye socket from his reported scuffle with Brown are false.

The grand jury meeting in Clayton, Missouri, will examine whether charges should be filed against Wilson in Brown's death.

black teenager Michael Brown, the streets emptied early Thursday.

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Holder met with Brown's family not long after the teen's mother viewed her son's bullet riddled body at a morgue for the first time. He heard from a woman who said her brother died in an encounter with Ferguson police in 2011. And he spoke to the community of a festering Kanye Adidas Boots

dozens late Wednesday, then disappeared. Thunderstorms may have doused their numbers.

Late Wednesday, police made targeted arrests. Earlier in the day, they suspended an officer caught on video pointing a semiautomatic rifle at peaceful protesters and shouting profanities at them the night before.

"He came to have a community meeting, and in that community meeting he didn't meet with any of us who were out in the street," he said.

´╗┐Drawdown of Guard in Ferguson to begin

Brown's mother, Lesley McSpadden, told CNN's Anderson Cooper in an interview Thursday that Holder's visit made a difference.

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"As we see folks getting calmer, fewer arrests, fewer problems here, that mission we're going to draw down off that. We don't need the same force of strength," he said.

Police have said Brown and the officer, Darren Wilson, struggled over the officer's gun; witnesses who have spoken publicly say the 18 year old had his hands in the air when he was shot.

Protest crowds thinned from hundreds to Adidas Pure Boost Grey Mens

But community leaders were grateful that tensions on the streets had eased.

His trip was not universally well received, however.

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